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Xlate Pad translates spoken or written text. It includes many helpful features that make it convenient and easy to use.

Think of it as a quick and easy pen and paper note pad that translates spoken or typed text to a different language. Xlate Pad opens quickly, ready to use. You can enter spoken text via the microphone or type text using the soft-keypad. Choose the light or dark theme or create your own custom theme. Adjust the text size. Simulated continuous speech recognition allows you to enter and translate several sentences at a time.

The text in the note pad is saved then restored next time you run Xlate Pad . This makes it a very handy tool for quickly taking notes and reminders.

With Google Play's new Family Library feature you may be able to share a single purchase of Xlate Pad among multiple users.

Xlate Pad contains no ads or in-app purchases. It works on both phones and tablets.

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